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Flocked/Unflocked Test Swabs

Medical TI is a direct distributor of a variety of sterile, flocked and non-flocked polypropylene swabs manufactured by IPB, Inc. We carry multiple FDA-registered design options for both nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs. These products are ideal for high quantity orders where price, quality, and delivery speed are of the utmost importance. 

Medical TI is proud to offer organizations reliable access to critical testing supplies without multiple distribution parties adding nickels and dimes along the way.


Health Shield­™

Health Shield™ by Tevano is North America's #1 temperature sensing device for COVID-19. Health Shield™️ was designed to remove the ongoing cost of having staff manually measure temperatures. See real time metrics and notifications from your dashboard. It offers multi-language support, and is capable of admitting or denying facility entrance to visitors based on body temperature and/or the presence of a face covering.


Global Surgical Products (Medical)

Medical TI is the proud distribution partner of Global Surgical ENT microscopes, cabinets, and chairs for Indiana, Kentucky, and Western Ohio. Click below to explore product options, or contact us directly for a practice consultation or additional information.

80% Ethyl

Alcohol Sanitizer

The most robust liquid hand sanitizer formula recommended by the World Health Organization for rapid sanitation of germs.  Safe and gentle on your hands, it leaves surfaces clean and clear with no residue.  At work or at home, nothing works better than United Sanitizer.

Medical TI has partnered with United Sanitizer Alliance to bring our clients discounted access their premium, W.H.O recommended solution.  


About Us


Medical TI is a DBA initiative of Dental Technology Integrators, Inc. When COVID-19 caused dental and non-emergency medical clinics across the country to close, our team examined how we could leverage our equipment and connections in the medical supply space to help address shortages of critical tools and equipment. 


Current events have brought about new challenges and hardships, and the situation on the ground continues to evolve. Medical TI is committed to being a reliable partner with a focus on quality, safety, and accountability. 


If you are in need of tools to help combat the COVID-19 crisis, or interested in joining us as a partner in this endeavor, please submit our contact form at the bottom of this page. We hope you are well, and look forward to serving you and your community. 

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